xdf - exquisite `df'

(disk free - report file system disk space usage)


xdf [-options]


xdf works as df(1), reporting file system disk space usage, with a twist.

xdf allows flexible selection of informations, and a choice of output formats and layouts.


 -v :   show volume name 
 -s :   show volume size 
 -u :   show used space 
 -a :   show available space 
 -c :   show capacity (% full) 
 -K :   show sizes in KiB 
 -M :   show sizes in MiB 
 -G :   show sizes in GiB 
 -A :   frame output in ANSI line chars (*1) 
 -b :   frame output in HTML format (*1) 
 -F :   frame output in ASCII chars (*2) 
 -B :   output informations in HTML format (*2) 
 -C :   output informations in CSV format (*2) 
 -I :   show host informations 
 -S :   show total sizes and capacity average 
 -H :   show header 
 -V :   show version 
 -L :   legacy df layout 
 -n <pathname> [ -n ... ] : process just these 
 -? :   show usage help
 (*1) '-A' and '-b' are mutually exclusive 
 (*2) '-B' , '-F' and '-C' are mutually exclusive


Without any options, xdf lists all 'interesting' mountpoints for the filesystems on the host (cdrom, tmpfs, nfs filesystems are not listed by default).

Using '-A' triggers '-F'.

Using '-b' triggers '-B'.


 /etc/filesystems               AIX file systems description file
 /etc/mtab                      AIX mounted file systems table
 /etc/fstab                     HP-UX file systems description file
 /etc/mnttab                    HP-UX mounted file systems table
 /etc/fstab                     Linux file systems description file
 /etc/mtab                      Linux mounted file systems table
 /etc/vfstab                    Solaris file systems description file
 /etc/mnttab                    Solaris mounted file systems table


Example 1: No arguments

 $ xdf

Example 2: Legacy df(1) compatibility mode

 $ xdf -L
 volume      size KiB   used KiB   free KiB cap. mounted                 
 /dev/sda5   98427412   87991108    5436476  89% /                       
 /dev/sdb1   15417244   10401036    4233056  67% /media/avrb16lxr        
 /dev/sdc1   15396088    8259352    6354640  53% /media/avrb16sdcb       

Example 3: Same as above, plus total sizes and capacity average

 $ xdf -L -S
 volume      size KiB   used KiB   free KiB cap. mounted                 
 /dev/sda5   98427412   87991108    5436476  89% /                       
 /dev/sdb1   15417244   10401036    4233056  67% /media/avrb16lxr        
 /dev/sdc1   15396088    8259352    6354640  53% /media/avrb16sdcb       
 total      129240744  106651504   16024164  69% average                 

Example 4: Show just the capacity (%full), average, with no header and a frame (ascii chars)

 $ xdf -c -S -F
 |  89% | /                        |
 |  67% | /media/avrb16lxr         |
 |  53% | /media/avrb16sdcb        |
 |  69% | average                  |

Example 5: Show just free size in MiBs, plus a header and a frame (ANSI line chars)

 $ xdf -v -a -M -H -S -A
 │ volume                   │  free MiB │ mounted                  │
 │ /dev/sda5                │      5308 │ /                        │
 │ /dev/sdb1                │      4002 │ /media/avrb16lxr         │
 │ /dev/sdc1                │      6205 │ /media/avrb16sdcb        │
 │ total                    │     15515 │ total                    │


 TERM           The value of the TERM environment variable may affect
                the output of `xdf' when the '-A' flag is used.


The following exit values are returned:

 0                      No errors of any kind.
 >0                     An error occurred.


 No permission          Search permission is denied
                        for a component of the path prefix
                        of a given <pathname>.


Ordinarily, xdf does not require `root' privileges or SUID file permissions.


Mixing the mutually exclusive flags does not prevent the execution of `xdf', but the results are not predictable nor dependable.


Using the '-n' flag with the current version prevents identification of the file system's device volume name.

Not all o.s. versions and releases are supported as of the current version.


The original and current versions of `xdf' consist of code and documentation written by:

        Alexandre (*) Botao
        < >
        < >
        < >
        ( )
        (*) V.R.


Copyright 2010 Alexandre Botao


df(1), mount(1), uname(1).


`xdf' is free open source software (foss), and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");

You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Additionally, a copy of the License is distributed along with `xdf' ;

Otherwise you can write to :

 The Apache Software Foundation
 1901 Munsey Drive, Forest Hill, MD 21050-2747 U.S.A.


 Commercial support is NOT available for `xdf'.
 Suggestions and/or bug reports may be sent by email.


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, `xdf' is distributed on an ``AS IS'' basis, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.