Alexandre Victor Rodrigues Bot㯉	mobile:		11-8244-UNIX

Brazilian					homepage:

45 years old					email:


	Bsc in Mathematics (computer sciences) - UFRJ - 1981

Professional Experience

	- 31 years in computer systems, of which

	- 26 years in UNIX, "C", "C++", Shell

	- Solid knowledge of UNIXes (IBM, HP, SUN, SCO, LINUX, BSD)
	  and programming languages "C/C++", Shell, Assembly x86/risc.

	- Installation, customization, security, tunning, troubleshooting
	  (of performance, conectivity, crash-dump analysis, etc ...)
	  and operating system administration, e-mail systems, backup (netbackup/networker).

	- rdbms(oracle, sybase, db2), LAN (tcp/ip, routers), WAN (x.25, vpn),
	  job scheduling (Control-M/ECS), high availability (SunCluster, Hacmp),
	  firewall, management/monitoring (openview, netview, patrol, unicenter),
	  LVM/Raid (Veritas, Disksuite, AIX, HP, LINUX, Fujitsu).

	- Internet/Intranet support, security, Java, Perl ; Capacity Planning.

	- Support to develompent, deployment of client-server/oltp/olap and host-based
          systems, to system integration, and to SSH,SSL,IPSEC,LDAP,PKI,SRM,SNMP.

	- Basic software development (device drivers, firmware, utility, etc)
	  as well as application software (client-server, windows) 
	  in "C", "C++", Java, Shell, Perl.

	- Training (given) in UNIX, programming languages ("C", "C++",
	  shell, assembly, etc), networking, security, CAE/CAD/CAM.

International Experience

	- Set-up/Admin. of the 'Internet Banking' site of BankBoston - Mexico.

	- Set-up/Admin. of the 'Globus IPB' site of BankBoston - Miami.

	- Disaster-Recovery Drill at SunGard - Philadelphia.

	- Disaster-Recovery Drill at SunGard - Atlanta.

	- (attended) Course 'Extreme Hacking' at Ernst&Young - Boston.

	- (given) Course 'Network Security' for BankBoston - Argentina.

Fields of interest

	- Criptography, PKI, Discrete Mathematics, LDAP, Performance Evaluation & Analysis,
          Distributed Management, Optimization, Data Compression.

	- Kernel maintenance, Device Driver development, Compiler Construction.

Courses Given

	UNIX basic, advanced, administration, security, kernel, performance, networking.
	Languages "C" basic, advanced (UNIX, DOS, WINDOWS), graphic processing, hacking,
	"C++" (UNIX, Borland, Microsoft), ASSEMBLY (intel, motorola) basic, advanced (DOS).
	Networks, connectivity, TCP/IP, CAE/CAD/CAM, Autocad, Internet, SQL, shell.

Corporations Trained

	NCE/UFRJ, UFJF, Edisa, Digirrede, Villares, Microtec, DATAPREV, Quacker, BANKBOSTON,
	ABC BULL, Banco Bandeirantes, Rede GLOBO, Pernambucanas.

Professional History

	2004-____ IBM - System Support Specialist
	1998-2004 BankBoston - Tech Support Consultant
	1996-1998 BankBoston - Tech Support Consultant
	1995-1996 InfoServer (instructor), Vale Refei磯 (consultant), Kaiser (Tech Support)
	1994-1995 CARGILL AGR̓OLA - Tech Support
	1993-1994 Banco MULTIPLIC - Consultant
	1992-1993 BANESPA - Consultant
	1991-1992 ALFREDO BUCCHEIM - IT manager
	1989-1991 TECNOCOOP SISTEMAS - Systems developer
	1985-1989 MULTISYSTEMS - Develompent manager


	Sonia Alves, Marco Nordi - BANKBOSTON Brazil
	Alvaro Bacelar, Dominique Tiertant - Bank of America - Coral Gables
	Maurizio Niccolai - Brasil Telecom
	Ricardo Pereira - InfoServer
	Moacyr Conte Jr. - CARGILL Brazil
	Ronaldo Camargo - CREDICARD
	Nelson Felca, Claudio Rostelato - BANESPA

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